High Point Crafters of High Point Farm

The Cats Made Us Do It.

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Why Choose Us?

Reason 1: Hand-Crafted Jewelry many are one of a kind piece.

Reason 2: You Support High Point Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in an area with only kill shelters.

You will support cats and people going to High Point Cat Rescue and Sanctuary to heal and look good doing it. Help others and wear beautiful jewelry.

The Cats Made Us Do It

Tiger Tye

Therapist of High Point Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.

About Us

Mark "Da Jeweler" Nelson

Creative Operations Officer

SO MANY decisions to make and its only Monday. Do I work in the wood shop or do I work in the jewelry center? Work with wood or work with beads? The cat’s don’t care as long as I can make some kibble and treat money. As I sit here and dream…and dream…and dream…

Mark "Da Jeweler" Nelson is the COO of High Point Crafters. (Creative Operations Officer) He hand-crafts in wood and jewelry. Currently, we are offering you his quality hand-crafted jewelry.

10% of all proceeds support a High Point Cat Rescue and Sanctuary (help us get our 501). We are in an area with a couple tiny rescues and all kill shelters. Support Mark's creative addiction and you support cats who need to heal and furever homes.


To see our handcrafts in person visit our office/cat rescue.

13008 Hodgenville Rd, Mt. Sherman, KY 42764

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Monday — Friday

10:00 AM — 4:30 PM